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Players will be able to file a player rating reclassification appeal by finding their player profile and clicking on the appeal button on the National Slow Pitch Player Database.

2023 USA Softball of Iowa Classification Code

  Player Appeal Date Status Current Rating Requested Rating 2022 or Former Team 2023 Team City State Association
1/11/2023 Denied D E 712 Softball 712 Softball S. Sioux City NE Iowa
1/23/2023 Denied C+ C CIDW/Left Lane Athletics (Uncommitted) Ankeny IA Iowa
1/23/2023 Denied B  C+ Bushwood Bushwood Cedar Rapids IA Iowa
4 JON SEE 1/24/2023 Denied C+  C T's 13 in 2013 (Uncommitted)  Cedar Falls IA Iowa
1/25/2023 Denied C+  C Benchwarmers/Reality One Group Benchwarmers/Reality One Group Denver IA Iowa
6 ANDREW CARPER 1/25/2023 Approved D+ C  D Diamond Kings - 2013 (Uncommitted) Waterloo IA Iowa
1/25/2023 Approved C C+  C Free Agents Free Agents Waterloo IA Iowa
8 SPENCER FARRELL 1/30/2023 Approved D+ C  D+ Benchwarmers (Uncommitted)  Ankeny IA Iowa
9 DAVE STREETER 2/5/2023 Approved D+ C  D Smackerwhackers Smackerwhackers New London  IA Iowa
10 MATT OVERLAND 2/8/2023 Approved D+ C  D+ Benchwarmers Benchwarmers Polk City IA Iowa
11 LUIS GONZALEZ 2/8/2023 Approved C+ B  C+ Kass & Co. Kass & Co. Burlington IA Iowa
12 PABLO CORDERO 2/8/2023 Approved C+ B  C Shottenkirk (Uncommitted) Burlington IA Iowa
13 CHAD COE 2/24/2023 Denied C  D+ Jethro's BBQ  (Uncommitted) Newton IA Iowa
14 AMILLIO PENA 2/27/2003 Approved C+ B C Iconic Apparel Iconic Apparel Muscatine IA Iowa
15 DOUG EISENMAN 3/5/2023 Approved C C+  C Cedar Valley Steam Cedar Valley Steam Waterloo IA Iowa
16 JARED GIESE 3/7/2023 Approved D+ C  D+ Benchwarmers (Uncommitted) Johnston IA Iowa
17 MATT REINTS 3/7/2023 Approved D+ C  D Kittyhawks Kittyhawks Ankeny IA Iowa
18 DUSTIN HUNTER 3/10/2023 Approved B B+ B Drip City/Monsta (Uncommitted) Waverly IA Iowa
19 NICK HOSKYN 3/13/2023 Approved D+ C D Elite Sports Sundown (Co-Ed) North Liberty IA Iowa
20 DAMON HOLLAND 3/16/2023 Denied C D+ Iconic Apparel Iconic Apparel Adel IA Iowa
21 KYLE BAUER 3/18/2023 Approved D+ C D Dolan Residential Dolan Residential Calamus IA Iowa
22 ISAAC (IKE) JONES 3/19/2023 Approved C C+ C CIDW (Uncommitted) Muscatine IA Iowa
23 ERIC REYNOLDS 3/19/2023 Approved C+ B+ C+ Drip City (Uncommitted) Ankeny IA Iowa
24 TREY FRANKS 3/19/2023 Approved C C+ C 3D Trailer Sales Fuel/S2N Clinton IA Iowa
25 TIMMY JAYNES 3/24/2023 Approved D+ C D+ GVO/JPS (Uncommitted) Des Moines IA Iowa
26 MIKE JOHNSON 3/19/2023 Approved D+ C D+ Boomers (Uncommitted) Altoona IA Iowa
27 MATT DETERMANN 3/29/2023 Denied D E Keel Farms (Uncommitted) Lake Mills IA Iowa
28 MARTY KASS 3/30/2023 Approved C C+ D+ Kass & Co. Remax Dubuque IA Iowa
29 DAKOTA WENZEL 4/21/2023 Approved D+ C D+ Havoc Havoc Des Moines IA Iowa
30 BRAD NAUMAN 4/21/2023 Approved D+ C D+ Havoc Havoc Desoto IA Iowa
31 DELANE COOPER 4/21/2023 Approved C+ B C+ Mr. B's (Uncommitted) Cedar Rapids IA Iowa
32 MATTHEW GRAHAM 5/8/2023 Denied C D Modde Meats Left Lane Athletics Waukee IA Iowa
33 DANIELLE KISNER 5/9/2023 Approved D C D MMB/Fargo Roofing & Siding MMB/Fargo Roofing & Siding Ankeny IA Iowa
34 KYLE UNDERWOOD 6/6/23 Denied D E Left Lane Athletics Left Lane Athletics Mitchellville IA Iowa
35 KIRK CRITTENDEN 6/27/23 Approved D+ C D+ JPS GVO/Boomers Urbandale IA Iowa
36 JORDAN LOEBIG 7/7/23 Denied C+ C Recon Red Stars (Uncommitted) Dallas Center IA Iowa
37 JEREMY MOELLER 7/8/23 Denied C D+ Mr. B's (Uncommitted) Rock Island, IL IA Iowa
38 BROCK SANCHEZ 7/8/23 Approved D+ C D+ Warfighters Warfighters Cedar Falls IA Iowa
39 CODY WOODLEY 7/8/23 Approved D+ C D+ Warfighters Warfighters Cedar Falls IA Iowa
40 WES LEYH 7/9/23 Denied C D+ Warfighters Warfighters Waterloo IA Iowa
41 TYLER REDMAN 7/10/23 Denied C+ D+ 3D TRAILER SALES (Uncommitted) Marion IA Iowa
42 AARON HEGTVEDT 7/17/23 Denied C D+ Tabu Uncommitted Cedar Rapids IA Iowa
43 ALDEN HAFFAR 7/17/23 Approved B+ A B+ The Herd The Herd W. Des Moines IA Iowa
44 JORDAN POOLE 7/20/23 Approved C C+ C Uncommitted Uncommitted Altoona IA Iowa